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Little Noodlers



 We want to create a cartoon about black children growing up and expressing themselves. There are shows with black characters but not many full show about black children. The most successful has been Static Shock and The Boondocks. Wayneheads was cancelled and Class of 3000 was more inclusive. Craig of the creek has hope though. I want to use real children voice but finding young children that can act will be problematic. I'm currently creating ten 11 minute episodes for one season. Judging by the success of that, I'll consider creating another season.  

The team


Mr. Johnson/Izzy

Army veteran turned teacher. Mr. Johnson is here to educate children on academics AND handling the world. Mr. Johnson is voiced by Izzy. Izzy is a St. Louis native and Texas Southern University graduate. He also is an advocate for mental health and runs an entire podcast around it.



Daquan is the cocky young athlete that is constantly told how wonderful he is. Consequences is an unfamiliar word because "NBA players get what they want." Daquan is voiced by  Fred. Fred is an Alcorn University graduate and currently working on his masters in Communication at TSU. He's also self proclaimed "who ya aunties love"  He is also 1/3 of the Cream Of The Krop Podcast with Smurf and D.



Njeri is the small very excitable girl that speaks her mind no matter what people are going to think of her. She loves the idea of respect for all. This description is fit for the voice actor as well. Njeri is the only character named after her voice actor because the character is based off her voice actor. Njeri is a rapper, editor, producer, and all around media guru.



Keisha is the outspoken I'm not a girly girl type. She likes video games and goofing around with Tyrone more than anything. Though she is very fond of her skirt. Keisha is voiced by Tia. Tia is a Baltimore native working on her degree at Columbus State University.



 Marquis is smart kid that knows a lot and is aware of it. He tries not to engage in most of his classmates shenanigans but he is still a child so of course he falls into their traps. Marquis is voiced by Smurf. Smurf got his bachelors in Finance at UTSA. Smurf is a energetic man that let's you know when he's happy. He is also 1/3 of the Cream Of The Krop Podcast with Fred and D. 



Ebony is a quiet introverted girl that loves her drawings more than any social interaction. She generally has a lot to say but hides her words and let's things happen around her. Ebony is voiced by Rebecca. Rebecca is a screenwriter, model, and actress.



Tyrone is a fun loving class clown. If he's not playing around with Keisha, he is getting into some hijinks with Daquan and Marquis. Tyrone is played by D. D is working on his bachelors in Engineering at the University of Houston.  He is also 1/3 of the Cream Of The Krop Podcast with Smurf and Fred 



Pooch is a viral internet personality and aspiring comedy writer. He's known for his "#PoochFlairStoryTime" tweets. Starting off as a request for a special episode, Pooch ended up joining the team by writing for a total of three of the ten episode season.


Animator/Ola Betiku

A professional animator based in D.C. Ola has an extensive portfolio with credits including Romeo Miller.