The every day life of the black youth is different from the life of other youths. We are coming together with Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant (@TrealToonz) to bring to life our stories. These writings are stories that we hope can shed light on the issues of the future. Our comics will discuss racial profiling, molestation, depression, colorism, drug dealing, and many more issues for the culture. Be on the lookout for that. 


The Next Generation Comics

I wrote this because I was bored at work. There is no profound or deep meaning behind this comic. I was just bored and realized how dope women are these days breaking records. Simone just broke a record for medals earned, Naomi just beat Serena, and Halle is the new Little Mermaid. So now this comic is here. I'm thinking of doing the next one for Kobe, Shaq, and D Wade kids. Enjoy this series.



Aside from my own comic (Ignorance Isn't Bliss), JaFleu and I work on his Treal Toonz comic together. After illustrating my comic, JaFleu asked me if I minded writing for his comic. Completely excited at the idea of writing more, I jumped at the opportunity. He's already illustrated two of the comics that I wrote for him.  "Teddy's Hat" was the first comic I wrote for him to just test my writing waters for his series. "An Empty Sack Can't Stand Up" is one of the comics I wrote in a series based on Haitian proverbs to show respect to JaFleu's culture and because June is coming up and it is Caribbean History Month.