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We really enjoy promoting black excellence and creating a platform for other black creators. We take every opportunity to uplift others. Check our "Black Excellence" highlights on our IG for networking opportunities.


Our Show

We like to have fun and enjoy twitter debates in real life. Every now and then we invite friends on the show for real conversations. We also bring in other black creators and entrepreneurs to come on and promote black excellence.

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Our Writing

We're not only good in comedy. We write multiple entertainment genres: Children cartoon, GTA skits, political comic series, short films, and skits. Let us know if you want us to be a part of your writing team.

Latest Episode On Youtube

A friend asked how I fixed the site so I made a video on it. I hope yall learn something from this cause it was dope to make.

Latest Episode on Soundcloud

Niggas Argue About Anything II

The title is self explanatory. The 2nd episode where we just kept arguing over stupid things.


Upcoming Projects

BLACK Magazine


A published author said she was going to create her own magazine and asked if anyone wanted to submit writing for it. Guess what I did. Yeah, she loved it so this magazine is coming out in May. I want yall to support her better than yall support me. It's a magazine version of The Ignorant Noodle: nothing but black excellence everywhere.

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Adult Swim/Toonami Pitch


My homegirl, Njeri (@Mole.Grl), sent me a screenshot of a tweet from Toonami cocreator of how to pitch a show to Adult Swim/Toonami so I got right on it. I am currently working on a black super hero show. It's a more mature Static Shock. Teenage super hero figuring out life with his friends. Hopefully I can pitch that before Summer is up. I've written 7/10 episodes and currently waiting on the illustrator (@docsmurfsart) to get back with the character designs.

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Ignorant Noodle World Tour


 If you don't know, I'm planning a tour meeting new people and entrepreneurs all over the world. It started as just an east coast thing and ended up spreading all over America and a few other countries. October is going to be a fun month.  I will also be having a videographer so I can focus on interviewing (also ups production value cause we all know I was barely staying afloat by myself).

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Ignorant Noodle X Intoxicatecha Clothing


 We are currently working on a clothing line in collaboration with Chancie (@Intoxicatecha) to be released in the fall of next year. It will be majority of men's fashion but hopefully we can think of some amazing women designs as well. This is going to be a long gruesome process but I hope it turns out amazing for everyone. 

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Featured Art



Shani is a new artist who just started painting June 2017. She's a nurse that is now using social media to promote and sell her art.



Jason is a Hatian American artist based in Florida. He's sold multiple paintings to celebrities but finds enjoyment in doing art projects for the youth.



Porsha is actually a dancer (she's nice with it. Check her out). She has a secret passion of painting. She mostly paints for herself but she made one for us because I asked nicely.


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The Ignorant Noodle

3025 University Avenue Suite C2, Columbus, Georgia 31907, United States

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